Graded: Google AdWords Under Armour

            This week I am exploring Under Armour’s name and keywords on Google AdWords using the Google keyword planner. After using the Google keyword planner the search terms Google has extracted from the site are under armour, under armour outlet, under armour store, under armour shoes, under armour sale, under armour golf, cheap under armour, under armour clearance, under armour coupons, under armour shorts, under armour website, under armour discount, discount under armour, under armour football, under armour hoodie, under armour hoodies, under armour team, kids under armour, under armour clothing, under armour tactical, boys under armour, under armour sweatshirts, under armour shirts, under armour e39, athletic shoes, under armor, discount shoes, and running shoes. The most successful search terms are under armour outlet, running shoes, cheap shoes, under armor, underarmour, discount shoes, cheap shoes online, armour, underarmor, under armour backpacks, under armour coupons, athletic shoes, under armour sunglasses, and under armour hoodies are all over 9,900 average monthly searches. The terms listed above are also the relevant phrases that come up. The “best” keywords are under armour, adidas shoes, under armour outlet, running shoes, and cheap shoes which all average 60,500+ monthly searches. The average monthly searches globally are 1,220,000 from august 2013 to present, in July monthly searches were at 1 million, June was 823,000, with April and May they were back up to 1 million, March was 1,220,000, February was 1 million, and January was 1,220,000 all in the year 2013. Locally in New Jersey the average monthly searches are 22,200. Starting in May 2013 the average search was 14,800 which is the same as June. In July the average search increased to 18,100. August saw an average search increase to 22,200 which remained constant through October. Their search patterns seem to rise in the July which is around the time football season starts which is a primary market target for Under Armour. Searches are also very high in the cold months towards the end of football season when winter starts since Under Armour has their coldgear which is used by many consumers to stay warm in those months. Their average searches are the highest in December which is probably for consumers looking for Christmas gifts. The most expensive keywords are under armour innovation at $5.12, under armour factory at $5.00 followed by under armour commercial at $4.81, under armour stock at $4.73, under armour wallpaper at $4.68, ceo under armour at $4.65, and who created under armour at $4.42. Other expensive keywords that are over $3 are under armour logos, under armour mission statement, under armour b2b, under armour revenant, under armour wiki, under armour logo, and nike under armour shirts. Keywords I would use are under armour, under armour outlet, running shoes, and cheap shoes because they all have 60,500+ average monthly searches meaning more people would find the website with those keywords. Short tail keywords are generally very broad in search engines and cover large groups. Long tail keywords are very specific in search engines and target a very narrow group. Under Armour can improve ten things according to the SEO Optimizer including fix character encoding, improve the title of their website, make a better meta description, optimize html for h1 and h2 headers, check all images for ALT attribute, make their html code less messy, add more valuable content to their website, distinguish their keywords with strongs and bolds, optimize the number of external links, and improve external linking. According to the Freereportcard tools the link check is a 10/10, the html check is 7/10 with 596 warnings, load time check is a 1/10 with a load time of 124.15 seconds, meta tag check is 10/10, spell check is 9/10 with 25 possible misspellings, and the keyword check is 8/10 with 706 total words. Under Armour’s overall performance is very good with the exception of the load time. Under Armour should use less JavaScript and use more html or CSS to lower the load time of their website. Under Armour should also add more keywords to increase their likelihood of showing up in searches. All the other aspects of the Under Armour website are very strong according to the site evaluation. 


Graded: Under Armour Mobile Website

The Under Armour mobile website experience was very positive. It was a simplified version of its main website. The upload speed was decent but could be faster. The slower upload speed could also be the WIFI network I am using. The available features were the main advertisements of their new products at the top which can be scrolled through and it had a menu with the different categories they offer such as men, women, kids, shoes, accessories, and outlet. Each category has sub categories for each to get into more specifics of what you are shopping for. Inside of the categories if you are looking for socks they have pictures of the socks so you know what you are buying and what it looks like. It seems like everything on their main website is found on the mobile website except the dropdown menus but other than that the features seem the same even on the mobile website you can zoom in on products to get a closer look. Under Armour’s website is not quite as well designed as their top competitor Nike. They are similar in some aspects such as the menu style and how the cart can be accessed on any page. They both also have an advertisement on their main page to promote their new products. Both mobile websites are simple and easy to navigate to find what you are looking for with pictures and prices. Nike only has an advertisement for the Nike+ Fuelband. They are different because Nike has three tabs at the top of their mobile website for shoes clothing and gear instead of having to go into the regular menu and navigate through multiple pages. Another difference is Nike does not have a zoom feature but does have a slide show to show the different angles of the item. In my personal opinion I feel Nike’s website is better even though they are very similar. It is better because it has the tabs at the top to quickly shop for shoes clothing or gear instead of having to go to a specific category and navigate through to find what you are looking for. It also has more options at the top of the page to get back to the home page see the menu for different items a search button cart and a tab to join or login to the Nike website. The Under Armour mobile website has some of these features but it seems much easier to use on the Nike mobile website. They both did follow the rules as outlined in the lecture there is not much white space, there is no flash, and pages upload fairly quickly because the pages are simplified with few pictures to load. All in all both website are good mobile websites in comparison to their main website in having the same content in a simplified manner.

Graded: Under Armour Building a Community and Their Primal Brand Code

After watching “How to Build a Community Around Your Brand” I learned about Primal Branding and Seven important aspects of building a community and branding.

When using the Primal Branding Code for my brand Under Armour it seemed to make sense on why they have the branding they do and the community that they built around the company.

1)      Creation Story- Under Armour has their creation story on their website on the bottom of the page. It also has pages that talk about new innovative things they are doing and partnerships such as UA Freedom which works with the wounded warrior project to help raise awareness and UA Green which is how they manufacture their products to have a lighter environmental impact.

2)      The Creed- This is what the brand lives by and what they are known for. Under Armour’s mission statement is to make all athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. They are also known for the saying #IWILL, We Must Protect This House, and the advantage is undeniable.

3)      The Icons- Their main logo is  which combines a U and an A that stands for Under Armour. It is also has the u and a combined to show the bond between customer and company. The story behind the reason Under Armour was started relates to all athletes and the company also sponsors sports teams and professional athletes to become a well known brand and a leader in sports apparel. Some athletes they sponsor are Cam Newton the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, Julio Jones wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons, Derrick Williams Forward for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Kemba Walker guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, Bryce Harper outfielder for the Washington Nationals, Michael Phelps Olympic swimmer, Lindsey Vonn  Alpine skier, UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre, Professional golfer Hunter Mahan, Soccer star Heather Mitts are some examples that they sponsor athletes in many different sports to get their brand recognized.

4)      Rituals- When dealing with rituals, Under Armour sends out an e-mail daily about new products and sales they currently have going on or to inform consumers about upcoming products. These e-mails are very engaging to the athletic consumers that train all year around but also for other consumers that want something to keep them warm or cool in the different seasons. They also have very friendly and helpful employees in their stores that are able to point you in the right direction in finding exactly what you are looking for.

5)      The Sacred Words- Under Armour does a great job capturing their customers. They portray themselves very well in marketing too, they use social media, advertising on billboards, sponsor athletes and sports teams, and advertise through commercials.

6)      The Nonbelievers- The competitors are the nonbelievers based on the video. It shows how the brand stands in the market based on competitors. Even though Under Armour is a fairly new company and is only about 17 years old it is one of the leaders in sports apparel competing against companies like Nike and Adidas which have been around for much longer. The reason they can compete is through their innovation and products. They were the first to create the compression gear and cold gear that Nike and Adidas eventually created but it is not the same quality.

7)      The Leader- The leader is the founder Kevin Plank. The reason he started Under Armour was because as an athlete his t-shirts were always soaked and heavy after practice and he felt there had to be something better to wear underneath his pads. After that was created he became more innovative and created cold gear which was designed to pull sweat away from the body and keep in the body heat in colder temperatures. Now Under Armour has many different innovative products designed for athletes and training in hot and cold weather.

Under Armour have all the aspects of the Primal Branding Code and it works very well for my brand. These aspects help the brand stand out but the competitors seem to also have all seven aspects because Nike and Adidas also stick out in the sports apparel market. An example of one of their commercials is listed below.





I decided today to see the consumer data they have on me at and looked at what they had on me. Half of the consumer data they have on me is about half accurate. Some of the consumer data they have about me is pertaining to my parents. I believe they received this information based on the mail that comes to my address, my email history, and my credit history. They also could have gotten the data from cookies in web browsers and from websites that items were purchased from since some websites sell consumer information to other companies. Ways to protect privacy when purchasing online is to set your browser to reject cookies, sending an email to the company asking them not to sell their name or personal information to other companies, and refuse to give personal information that is unnecessary. Behavioral tracking is another way companies get information on consumers interests. Spyware malware and adware are all things used to gather information on people that use the internet that can be installed from visiting certain websites or clicking on some links. Phishing, pfarming, and spoofing are ways to convince internet users to send their personal information to people to steal the consumers identity and money. The people that get this information will sell your information to companies in order to make even more money. In conclusion the information has about me is slightly outdated but for the most part is fairly accurate which is a not the greatest feeling in the world knowing that all this information about you is on the internet.